Music business is changing

Music is not only an entertainment product. For centuries, it has been a powerful way of spreading ideas, feelings and emotions across time and space. While realizing the force of an anthem, or understanding how music helped African American remain humans despite of slavery, one can figure out how it can be so much more than few notes that pop in mind during any commercial break on social networks.

From now on, music can not be only a way to entertain people. Its future is still a matter of significant social impact.
Dealing with human’s feelings (both audience and performers’) is the ultimate aim of art, whether literature, painting or music is concerned. With the rise of an AI driven business artists and creators are pushed towards a mountain of questions (among which intellectual property is a core subject).
But the ground why humans will stay unique for their fans is the political message they can provide. Coming from the guts. Sometimes putting their own lives in danger. Emotional intelligence leads to empathy.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." 
Mahatma Gandhi

Studio d’Ikken reinvents a music partnership towards artists with disrupted career for social or political reasons, moving into something different to strike another level of consciousness.

We stand for :

Sustainable music business
Artists promoting peace and democratic values
Respectful citizenship
Music towards tomorrow

Let's make the difference together!